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Tourist sights Vila RAMONA Gura Humorului Vila RAMONA Gura Humorului Vila RAMONA Gura Humorului
  - 35 km near Suceava and 25
  km near Câmpulung
  - 5 km to the Voroneţ
  Monastery and 6 km to the
  Humor Monastery.

  How to get there
  - European Road E 576  
  passes 200 m near the villa;  
  - Gura Humorului Railway  
  Station is 500 m near the  
  - Salcea Airport - Suceava 
  is about 45 km near the villa.
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Bucovina tourist sights

  • Voronet Monastery - built in 1488 by Stefan the Great, the well known moldavian king at Daniil Sihastrul's advice; is painted on the outside with the famous and misterious "Voronet blue". Likewise, the painter of Voronet was the aprentice of Toma, which painted the Humor Monastery; (DL C5, 5km auto 10’, by foot 1h).
  • Homor Monastery - built in 1530 by Teodor Bubuiog, on the ruins of a monastery built by Oană in 1415; the predominant color is red. What has been deleted by time on Voronet Monastery can be seen at Humor, the two monasteries have the same paintings; (DJ 6km, auto 10’, by foot 1h).
  • Arbore Monastery - monastery of the rich. The builder is Luca Arbore; (DJ 34km, 209 auto 40’).
  • Putna Monastery - built by Stefan the Great to serve as the king's family necropolis, Putna has been rebuilt by the Austru-Hungarian Empire, the emperor recognising it's artistic value. In the museum near the monastery you can admire objects of the kings of Moldova; (DN 17+ DJ 209, 65 acces auto, 1:30’).
  • The Hermitage of Daniil the Lonely, carved in stone, confessor of Stefan the Great; (D.N 17+D.J 209, 68km, acces auto 1:30’).
  • Moldovita Monastery - the only one with yellow predominating paintings, built by Petru Rares; (DN 17 + DJ 176, 27km, acces auto 35’).
  • Sucevita Monastery - the predominating colors are red and green, the monastery has an unique repertory of gold and silver church items; (DN 17A, 50km, acces auto, 1:15’).
  • Dragomirna Monastery - the tallest bucovinean monastery, the only one built in stone (1609); (DN 17, 48km, acces auto 1h).
  • Cacica Cathedral - included in an anual pilgrimage of catholic christians from all the world at 15 august; (DJ 209, 17 km, acces auto 25’)
  • Catholic church carved in salt in Cacica salt mine; (DJ 209, 17 km, acces auto, 25’).
  • Catholic church in Gura Humorului - the oldest in Bucovina; (DE, by foot   5’).
  • Marginea black pottery, apreciated worldwide, hand made with a technique since the gheto-dacia; (DJ 209, 41km, acces auto, 1:10’).
  • Vama, Arbore, Fundu Moldovei, Dorna, Humor Monastery are interesting because the clothes are kept original and the handicraft;
  • The Wood Museum and the Hunting Museum in Campulung Moldovenesc; (DE 20, 36 km, acces auto, 50’).
  • The Traditional Bucovina Customs Museum which periodically organises showing events (Gura Humorului);
  • The Bucovina Village Museum (near The Suceava Fortress); (DN 17, 34km, acces auto 45’).
  • The History Museum in Suceava (in the museum you can find wax figures of Stefan the Great, his wife and staff); (DN 17, 34km, acces auto 45’).
  • The Chair Fortress - Suceava – built around 1370 by Petru Musat; (DN 17, 34km, acces auto 45’).
  • The Lady's Stones Reservation, Rarau mountain - true "gothic towers" in a wild landscape; (DN 17, 50 km, acces auto, 1:30’).
  • The secular forest from Slatioara - absolutely wild woods of an illusive beauty; (DN 17 + DJ 177A, 26 km, acces auto 35’+ 2 km by foot).
  • Poiana Stampei Reservation - home of a meat eating plant, unique worldwide - „Sky's dew”; (DE 20, 92 km, acces auto, 1:45’).
  • Bosanci - here grow various exotic plants, originating from Asia; (DN 17+ DE 20, 48 km, acces auto 1h).
  • Geological Reservation „12 apostoli”, Calimani Mountain; (DE 20+ DJ, 95 km towards Gura Haitii acces auto 2h + încă 2h, aprox. 2h by foot).
  • ”Mocanita” in the Moldovita area; (DN 17A+ DJ 176, 27 km, acces auto, 35’).
                        We can escort you in a culinary trip through Bucovina. Every culture that has passed through these lands has left a part of his being in different ways. So, you can enjoy moldavian tochitura, cream mushrooms, sarmalele, the trout in fir wood and the famousi „totschen” which you won't find anywhere else.
  In the winter you can enjoy wonderful sledding trips in a fairytale landscape; in the summer you will go with us at the "green grass", at the sheep cot or camp fire, and at Easter we invite you to assist at the egg painting process.
  • Probota Monastery (outer paintings) – first Petru Rares built monastery, considerred the most beautiful, here is also located the grave of the king;
  • Patrauti Church (outer paintings) – little church built at the order of Stefan the Great, has one of the few face portrets of the king;
  • Slatina Monastery (inner paintings) – built by Alexandru Lapusneanu;
  • Rasca Monastery (outer paintings);
  • Wooden church at Putna – the oldest wooden church in Europe. Is located at just 300 m besides Putna Monastery, but be careful, the indicator is not very visible!
  • Bogdana Monastery (in Radauti) – the first monument of moldavian medieval art, the one that marks the birth of the famous painted monasteries, here are the graves of Moldavian kings and members of their families;
  • Ciocanesti – bucovinean mountain village, the houses are traditional with outer painting decorations.
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